Statement of Purpose
It was spring 2006 and I was completing the 4th year of my university study, the whole country faced a menacing energy crisis. This situation holistically affected everyday life of the urban population. The country’s national power grid fails to supply the demand of electricity. Driven by diesel engines the power generating company could not cope with the soaring oil prices. The problem was further exacerbated by the unavailability of lubricant for the engines of the power plant.The dynamics of energy market is an unpredictable one, proving decision making difficult on the future of power systems reliability. This was the time I realized the need for research work ahead of commissioning a power generation plant to provide reliable supply. Here comes the driving force for my attraction in the field of power system reliability. Since then I plan to build my career around power system reliability.The first thought that struck my mind was how I could contribute in solving the power system reliability issue. Since those days I became well aware of the alternative energy sources as one solution. After my graduation I felt more responsible for solving the energy crises. Years of experience thought me that I had not the depth of knowledge and exposure for the intricate and holistic nature of power system reliability. Hence going for postgraduate at master degree through research in Electrical Engineering become the best gateway to achieve my goals. The Master’s program in Electrical Engineering which is offered by King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals with its research flavor will definitely prove the fitting solution to the problem I am planning to be part of the task force to solve this issue.The courses Power Systems I & Power systems II which I studied during my senior years at university were the instrumental in my quest for the power system reliability. As an electrical engineer I plan to do a rigorous research on the…

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