Final Destination

Final Destination
Every day at Maurizios pizza is a roller-coaster ride of your wildest dreams. Each day is different and cannot be compared to any other day, but every day begins the same way at 3:20 p.m. My boss Kevin is at work each time I arrive doing preparations for the day’s work still to come. Each conversation starts out the same way, I say “Hey Kevin” and he always jokes about me being late when in reality I am always the first one to arrive. Because I am the first one there, I have to ball up the pizza dough into softball-sized balls, put them into a container, and then flour them to be rolled into pizzas later on. I remember it up to this day, the dough was dry as the desert, probably the worst dough I have ever seen, but little did I know that was about to become insignificant in the spectrum of events to come. June 2, 2012 was about to become a day that would be perturbing from my brain for the rest of my life.
After putting the dough away, my afternoon continued like any normal work day and I started opening up the pizza making station. The pizza making station has stainless steel lids on it that are impossible to take off without making a ton of noise. Yet again, Kevin jokes with me asking “Damn Bryce, could you possibly be any louder over there?” I am always wondering if he is ever going to stop joking with me, but I remember he does it because I can take the jokes and shoot them right back at him. The station has plastic lids that cover each of the toppings to keep them from spoiling during the overnight hours. As I am taking the lids off, all I can think about is the wreck that happened in the morning. All I knew was my good friend Troy was involved and that it was a bad wreck.
With the wreck weighing heavy on my mind, I moved on to turning on the ovens. This is a long and drawn out process that I really cannot even describe. As I am doing this, I realize I am still the only one at work. Where could everyone possibly be? I work with seven…

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