The fire department is our main way of staying out of trouble with the law.The Standard Operating guidelines are strict which keep the members out of trouble if followed. It helps the members stay away from drugs and other abusive substances. The firefighters are able to see what substance abuse causes, when people drive under the influence. It hits the young members hard because they might know the person injured or even could see their family members in an accident. With seeing these accidents I believe that it keeps the firefighters from abusing the substances.
Fire departments bond people together to form a family. The members of the department hold each other accountable for their actions in the same way as a conventional family would. If the actions are good the member receives the praise deserved, but if bad they receive help to correct and teach where needed. The family atmosphere also helps when disasters happen because we all pitch in and help a fellow firefighter family member as much as we can. The best thing about being on the fire department is having people to talk to with the same interests. It helps when there is down time so the members can get to know each other better. In the departments that I am with I have been able to get to know my fellow firefighters on a personal basis.
The fire department is the best thing to keep young people out of the streets and teach responsibility. Also, they are great ways to be involved in the community and receive another family. Being a member has kept me out of trouble with the law, gave me another family to hold me accountable, and some new friends, who are great.

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