Internet Shopping

Barbara Mantel brings out several things in the article on Internet shopping. One of these things is there is no escaping Amazon .Com. They have been long grabbing sales from brick and mortar stores. There is also concerns for privacy and rights being compromised by most of the retailers online. Most retailers’ online collect detailed information from the buyers like their habits and preferences, then they send out detailed emails of things that the buyer is interested in purchasing. Senator John D. Rockefeller said in a senate hearing “I believe consumers need strong legal protection. They need simple and easy rules about how, what and when their information can be collected and used.”
Barbara Mantel also went into the good and the bad of shopping online. Shopping for clothes online can be difficult at times. Different manufacturers have different sizing requirements so it may be a larger or little smaller. He also had the problem with damaged goods arriving to your door, how was the retailer that you purchased from going to handle that issue. There are many pros and cons to online shopping, but many major retailers have an online store. Many people like being able to sit in their easy chair and shop online. It’s a simple click of the mouse and you’re at, Best, or some other big box retailer.
Since the internet has come about there has been great deal of internet in shopping on the internet. There was a concept of home shopping for a long time, catalogs you could get from Sears and JC Penny`s you might remember QVC and others like that on television. At that time you just picked up the phone and called them and it would be shipped to you. The infomercials that would annoy us on television also. Now the internet has become some much a part of our lives that is normal to just get it on
The thing of price has become a big issue in recent times with the economy the way it is. You go to the…

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