Leadership and Power – 1

Leadership and Power
Leadership and Power
I would definitely describe Ho Ching as an influential leader. Leader’s roles are to effectively maximize a group’s output. To reach this objective as a leader, they must direct and coordinate throughout the whole process. Her recognition is a compilation of her experience, education, and family connections; not only in the world but also by her peers. The recognition within her field of work can also be exemplified by the fact that she rose through the ranks, from initially working as a civil servant and then for the Defense Ministry. As an influential leader, Ho Ching has shown an aggressive nature that allowed her to achieve goals, personally and in the business world. She was bold in other aspects that allowed her to defend and rationalize the possibly uneasy position of being influential in her own right while being the wife of the Prime Minister. This was also evident as she planned for the company’s move into the Indian market. She has also shown signs of being analytical, which influential leaders possess. The fact that she feels confident enough to disclose annual reports with details of performance shows that she feels confident with her team to provide positive information for partners or the public; something that was not customary before. This transparency not only provides confidence in the people that work for her, but also those that will conduct business with her and Temasek Holding.
Based on the excerpts from Ho Ching’s speech, I believe that she used rational persuasion and inspirational appeals. She was rational in making logical arguments and presenting factual information when she explained the market and its overall growth. She fully explained the appeal that expanding the Asian market into India would have on the overall Asian market. Rationally, she also explained how the trade between Indian and Singapore has grown by 50% in the last ten years, making it logical to conduct more and…

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