Negotiation Case Analysis

November 19, 2012
Negotiation Case Analysis
Chris and Pat Role Play: A non-result conversation if there is no inquiries exchange
In my younger days, I found it is very difficult to talk with my mother. Argument was the thing that the conversations between us usually became. People who saw this said that it was normal for a boy as that age to argue with parents every day. Later on, the frequency of the arguments between my mother and me had become lesser. Recently, I started thinking about that fact. Did I change? What is the difference between me at the moment and the one from years ago? If the answer is I became more mature then it is so general. To me, the reason that I stop arguing with my mother is having more experience to deal with difficult conversations. I realized that, difficult conversations could happen anytime in your daily life. You will always have to deliver a difficult message for someone in your life. One thing that I noticed from those conversations was that the more you knew about that person’s thought, the more you would be successful in delivering difficult messages. The negotiation case between Chris and Pat is also an example of difficult conversation. That is why if they want to be successful in this conversation, they have to share with each other more about their thoughts. More inquiries is the golden key for this negotiation case.
In this case, I was assigned to be Pat Burke, a very demanding supervisor. The reason for this characteristic of him is his excellence in work. Because of his excellence, he expects everyone else follow his standard. That is why his reputation with other supervisors in the company is not good. In this negotiation case, Pat has many objectives. To me, the most important objective of Pat is getting a raise from the manager. The second objective of Pat is asking the manager to assign him more non-routine jobs and leave the other routine jobs to other supervisors. Thirdly, Pat wants get Jane Wilson, an…

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