What Is Critical Thinking

Sebrina Richardson
October 26, 2013
Benjamin Perlin
What is critical thinking What does critical thinking means to me? It means making a decision that may solve a problem or analyze a situation. In reality, critical thinking is a way of deciding whether a claim is true, partially true, or false. It is also a process that leads to skills that can be learned, mastered, and used (www.wikipedia.org). Critical thinking involves gathering information, recognizing problems, interpreting data, and drawing conclusions. This is very important when we make decisions in our academic, professional, and personal lives. Critical thinking is an important part of life in school and in the workplace. How do we use critical thinking in our everyday lives We use our brain for critical thinking. According to a definition analysis by Kompf & Bond (2001), critical thinking involves problem solving, decision making, reasoning, and knowledge. We come across problems in the professional world. When a conflict between employees occurs, the supervisor has to use critical thinking to diffuse the situation. A student may come across a question on an exam that he may not understand. He might use his mind to think about the answer or ask his instructor to explain the question to him. We use critical thinking to make decisions that could affect our personal lives. Whatever if we decide to accept a job offer or a marriage proposal, it is a choice that people have to live with for the rest of their lives.
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A Turning-Point

A Turning-Point
When I was born twenty one years ago, God put me in a little country called Vietnam, and he gave me a family. I got a name, and it sounded like an animal, so I got my nick name “Turtle”. When I started going to school, my nick name was known and laughed at (most of children have the same situation when they have this name), and I really hated it. However, people only laughed on my back because my father was the school principal, and he got his power over there; then, I was a “turtle” in the “shell” which was held by my father. I meant my father took care of everything like I was always newborn. Eighteen years in the “shell” turned me into a real turtle. I lived, studied, played…in the shell, and also, my thoughts was limited in the shell. An eighteen-year-old boy but I still did not know how to manage my own life until I was told to immigrate into another country named United States.
The first year, I had the chance to experiment a different academic environment. This time my parents had not gotten their jobs yet, so I got my part-time job in a Vietnamese restaurant to afford my own needs. Since I got my job, bought my first car, my parents started letting me go on my own; then, I felt my freedom. I spent most of my time with ESL classes and my part-time job. Just a few months living in this country, I learnt so many new things about this country, and the most important thing according to me was how to really study. In Vietnam, studying means follow exactly teachers’ direction unless it would be a failed grade at the end of semester, and that was a huge pressure on me; thus I had a really horrible time studying in Vietnam. On the other hand, according to my experience, studying in the United States is on a different side. Sure I should follow professor’s direction, but mostly the responsibility to do the work is mine, and I think without pressure from other people, I can do anything well. Since I came to the United States, there were many…

How Alcohol Effected American Indians

Did Alcohol have a Lasting Effect on Native American Culture
History of the American Indian
Professor Roger Carpenter
December 14, 2009 Northern Native Americans were faced with many great hardships with the arrival of the Europeans, Spanish and the French. American Indians had thrived on American soil for thousands of years with great prosperity. Living among each other in a local economy and communities The Native Americans created a civilization that was harmonious with the land and spiritual world that surrounded them. They were able to sustain their survival from the living plants and animals that lived among them in this over abundant country and all of it’s rich resources. Many different tribes thrived on this land by adapting well with the elements around them. They were able to use the one living animal that co-existed with their people and made sure that a good kill was worth the effort and danger that encountered it. The Native Americans were able to use every part of the animal killed from the hide to the hoofs in an effort of survival and to counter balance the spiritual world that engulfed their heritage. The natives would give back to the world that gave unto them. With an unfortelling future the Native Americans were not prepared for what storm was about to come ashore .Europeans would soon arrive and bring the Natives demise in more ways then one. In 1492 Christopher Columbus was said to be the first arrival on American soil from the East. Columbus would bring many new and different commodities unseen by the Natives of this world. Europeans and the Spanish brought many commodities for their own survival in this new territory, such as plants and even animals. According to Calloway some of the food items brought from England and Spain were rice, wheat, barley, and oats. Some plants such as grasses and even oranges and peaches were knew to the Americas. Horses, cows,…


An extremophile  is an organism that thrives in physically or geochemically extreme conditions that are detrimental to most life on Earth.
Types of extremophiles:
* Acidophile: An organism that grows best at acidic (low) pH values.
* Alkaliphile: An organism that grows best at high pH values.
* Anaerobe: An organism that can grow in the absence of oxygen.
* Facultative Anaerobe: An organism that grows in the presence or in the absence of oxygen.
* Obligate Anaerobe: An organism that cannot grow in the presence of oxygen; the presence of oxygen either inhibits growth or kills the organism.
* Endolith: An organism that lives inside rock or in the pores between mineral grains.
* Halophile: An organism requiring high concentrations of salt for growth.
* Methanogen: An organism that produces methane from the reaction of hydrogen and carbon dioxide, member of the Archaea.
* Oligotroph: An organism with optimal growth in nutrient limited conditions.
* Piezophile (Barophile): An organism that lives optimally at high hydrostatic pressure.
* Psychrophile: An organism with optimal growth at temperature 15 °C or lower.
* Thermophile: An organism with optimal growth at temperature 40 °C or higher.
* Hyperthermophile: An organism with optimal growth at temperature 80 °C or higher.
* Toxitolerant: An organism able to withstand high levels of damaging elements (e.g., pools of benzene, nuclear waste).
* Xerophile: An organism capable of growth at very low water activity. * The polar bear is well adapted for survival in the arctic. It has white fur that makes it difficult to see in the snow, which hides it from its prey. A polar bear has thick layers of fat and fur that keep it warm and small surface area to volume ratio to minimize heat loss. Its fur is very greasy because this sheds water quickly after swimming.
* The snowshoe hare’s fur is white in winter and reddish brown in summer. So it has all…

Assignment 3 Level 3

IntroductionIn this assignment I will be talking about game development and the stages that you would have to take to create a game, I will also be talking about the tools used to createGame Development StagesWhen making games there are several stages that you have to go through these are:Concept
MaintenanceConceptThis is the start of the idea of the game it consists of a 1 to 4 page document which contains some concept art in order to give a feel of what the game will be like. A concept is normally something new for example if you are going to make a game where you would only have to shoot people that would not be a new concept but if you made one where houses could walk and run then that would be a new concept.Concept would be made using:Word Processing
Image Creation Software
Presentation SoftwareWord processing Software such as Microsoft Office Word or Open Office Writer would be used to type up the document that will explain features and functionalities of the game for example guns that can make people come to life.Image creation software such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter are used to create concept art which will be used to pass on a mood to the audience and make them see what the characters would look like.Presentation Software such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Open Office Impress is used to present the concept if you don’t want to type up the entire document or summarise the Concept.
PrototypingPrototyping is used to show that the idea works. It is done by making a draft version of the game. The game is not yet playable as it would have too many bugs and would probably only be one level. The graphics would also be very low as you would not need to have very high graphics to show an idea to someone unless you will be trying to prototype the graphics of the game.When making a prototype of a game you would have to consider:

The Effects of Colonialism in Post-Colonial Antigua

The idea of colonialism is for the people of a country to spread and share their philosophies and religions with other countries. However, the people of a country being colonized might not be so thrilled about the idea. As a result, a way natives lash out on the intruders of their country is by producing accusatory texts to the colonizers. Post-colonialism is the repercussion of colonialism, thus post-colonial literature is literature that relates to the writings produced in countries that are now controlled by European countries. The postcolonial narrative, A Small Place, by Antiguan-born American writer, Jamaica Kincaid, articulates the observations made by the author of her native island, Antigua, about the effects of the English colonization and how Antigua attempts to function as an independent country. Kincaid uses an accusatory tone in the narrative towards her island’s colonizers and tourists by articulating her frustration of Antigua’s society.
Kincaid accomplishes the use of an accusatory tone in A Small Place by writing four distinct untitled sections, or essays. Each of these four short essays serves a purpose to the overall meaning of Antigua’s post-colonial society. The first section concentrates on the ugliness of tourism and neocolonialism. The second essay addresses Antigua’s colonial past under the English rule along with the author’s childhood growing up. The third component addresses the political corruption of Antigua’s government post-independence. The final section of the narrative, which is the shortest, focuses on Antigua’s beauty and the Antiguans that inhabit the land as “just human beings” (Kincaid 81).
In her first essay, Kincaid addresses the idea that tourism is ugly. Kincaid’s infuriation and blame on the tourists sets the tone of this section of the narrative as one of harshness. Kincaid generalizes the use of “you” as both the tourist and the reader. By beginning the narrative in the second-person, Kincaid…


Terrorism is no longer a threat to the U.S
Terrorism was first heard of back in the 18th century during the French Revolution when it was called, The Reign of Terror. The Reign of Terror was the system of violence that the government participated in to use against its enemies. Today it is called Terrorism the Federal Bureau of Investigation describes this as violence used for political or social objectives, used to reach a certain goal. (Lesson 1)
Many believe that terrorism is no longer a threat to the United States of America since the man who orchestrated the high jacking of the planes on September 11, 2001 Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed. They think that the threat died with him and that no one else will try to take down America again for the same beliefs. The threats against the U.S are different from the ones that existed before. It’s not the same as the left and right wing domestic groups, these threats were from groups the one that exists now is worldwide.
I believe that there is still a terrorist threat against the United States of America, and that the threat is going to continue because it’s not a war for who is stronger or a war of what country is better it’s a war of religion. The radical Muslims believe that their religion is the only one acceptable and they are willing to go to extreme measures to conform other countries. It’s different than the other wars America has engaged in. These radicals are not going to stop until they reach their goal or they are put to a stop America needs to fight back.
The radical Muslims are not just attacking the United States they are attacking anyone who supports the United States. They are trying to make the United States vulnerable and attacking its allies is the easiest way. The Muslims repeatedly say that they love death just as much as we love life. In the book, After 9/11 Americas War on Terror (2001- ), they mention how the terrorists attacked Madrid, Spain. They set off bombs in four…

Sold by Patricia Mccormick Essay

A person that is shy and aloof, can change. Many people change over time. In Sold, by Patricia McCormick, Lakshmi changes frequently. Lakshmi is sold into a prostitution ring and undergoes hard times ahead. Lakshmi is sold to a woman that told her to call her “Auntie”. The women said she was going to work as a maid and her money would be sent back to her family. Lakshmi lived in a small village in Nepal. Her life was pretty simple, full of simple pleasures. Lakshmi had a little farm and the crops were washed away leaving no income coming in, and with her stepfather gambling away the little money they had they had to sell her. In the prostitution ring she is abused and tortured. Lakshmi has many changes to her mood during this time as in; rebellion, desperation, and hopelessness.One way Lakshmi shows she is changing is she stands up for herself to Mumtaz, when she used to be a very obedient girl. Lakshmi was a very sweet and innocent girl when she still lived at home, she lead a simple life by tending to her cucumber patch and caring for her pet goat. She is taken away from her family and taken to a brothel, where she meets Mumtaz. Mumtaz is a very evil and cold hearted person, she only wants money from the women that work in the brothel. Lakshmi is sold to Mumtaz by her own stepfather and at first she is alright with what is going on, because she is oblivious as to what is actually happening. “I wonder if perhaps this Happiness House is where the movie stars live” (McCormick 91). Lakshmi saying this shows her innocence and displays her unawareness. When she comes to realize that she has actually been sold into prostitution, she rebels against Mumtaz. Mumtaz Sold 2forces her to be with her first customer and she bites the man and tries to run, so Mumtaz takes her and locks her in a room by herself. Additionally, Lakshmi rebels then is drugged and just gives in to the men and to Mumtaz. Throughout Lakshmi being sold from her family she has always…


Andrew North
Rough Draft
For years, humans have been astonished by the majesty of dolphins. Their graceful swimming, the way their bodies glisten in the sun, their intelligence, and also their playful behavior or a just a few attributes of dolphins that people are mesmerized by. The story in the documentary “The Cove” had a very strong and heartfelt story.   It touches on how there are more dolphin’s killed during dolphin hunting season than there are whales killed in the Antarctic , and claims that 23,000 dolphins and porpoises are killed in Japan every year by the country’s whaling industry. The migrating dolphins are herded into a cove where they are netted and killed by means of spears and knives over the side of small fishing boats. The film argues that dolphin hunting as practiced in Japan is unnecessary and cruel.This documentary fell under the category of a social documentary in my eyes.   The anti-dolphin hunters are trying to make the people of Japan aware of the dolphin traps and raise awareness for the matter at hand.  
The film follows former dolphin trainer and former Sea Shepherd activist Ric O’Barry’s quest to document the dolphin hunting operations in Taiji, Wakayama, Japan. In the 1960s, O’Barry helped capture and train the five wild dolphins who shared the role of “Flipper” in the hit television series of the same name. The show, a pop-culture phenomenon, fueled widespread public adoration of dolphins, influencing the development of marine parks that included dolphins in their attractions. After one of the dolphins, in O’Barry’s opinion, committed a form of suicide in his arms by closing her blowhole voluntarily in order to suffocate, O’Barry came to see the dolphin’s captivity as a curse, not a blessing. Days later, he was arrested off the island of Bimini, attempting to cut a hole in the sea pen in order to set free a captured dolphin. Since then, according to the film, O’Barry has dedicated himself full-time as an advocate on…

Apple Samsung

If this decision were to lead to a trade war between South Korea and the US who are the big beneficiaries and who are the big losers
Apple from selling in the US the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3G, and iPad 2 3G distributed by AT&T (South Korea is one of the United States’ most important strategic and economic partners in Asia., the two countries’ economies are closely entwined and are
joined by the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), the United States’ second-largest
FTA. South Korea is the United States’ seventh-largest trading partner. The United States is South
Korea’s third-largest trading partner.In 2012, two-way trade between
the two countries totaled around $100 billion (see Table 1), making South Korea the United
States’ seventh-largest trading partner. – http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/row/R41481.pdfFor some western states and U.S. sectors, the South
Korean market is even more important. South Korea is far more dependent economically on the
United States than the United States is on South Korea. In 2012, the United States was South
Korea’s third-largest trading partner, second-largest export market, and the third-largest source of
imports. It was among South Korea’s largest suppliers of foreign direct investment (FDI).
The Obama administration said it overruled the decision on Saturday partly because it feared essential patents, which holders agree to license on reasonable terms, were being used in ways that could hurt competition and consumers.
was a major victory for Apple and other companies that had argued that disputes over a class of patents known as standards-essential patents should not lead to import bans by the trade commission.Among other issues, the agencies discussed the possibility that holders of such patents could use them in ways that would unduly increase royalty rates they might receive for licenses.The FTC in January reached a settlement with Google Inc. after alleging the company…