Globalization and Democracy Around the World on feb 4Globalisation and Democracy*The world order is rapidly changing due to global structures of production, trade and communication, it is often contended. Increasingly, the world is becoming one through the revolution in telecommunication, in transportation and in the formation of global financial markets. These three revolutions have made


Tabaco National High SchoolTabaco, CityThe Feasibility of PILI NUT (Canarium Ovatum) Shells as an adhesive component of an eco-friendly paint.Nicola Faye BronProponent, 2013Background of the study: Most of the synthetic adhesives contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to humans. Along with the continuous production of these adhesives,

Spread the Green

Tran 3 Truc Tran Professor John Hoskins English 101 08 October 2013“Spread The Green, Never Late To Do Your Part” Thirst, hunger, heat stroke, dehydration and skin cancer are major health concerns associated with rising climate temperatures across the world. Our world is constantly changing to worldwide natural and human interactions.  Natural disasters including volcanic eruptions and earthquakes have re­structured the earths’ appearance for billions of years before human introduction. In only the recent century however, human activities from industrialization and increasing natural resource consumption has quickly altered the structure of the planet, exploding the progression of global warming as rising temperatures increase from human induced fossil fuel burning that chemically produces carbon dioxide gases that trap heat in earth’s climate. Elevated temperatures cause worldwide changes that are life threatening such as desertification and drought. Immediate action is necessary in order to protect the planet we live on or face the consequences of extinction. Throughout the article “Why Bother? Looking for a Few Good Reasons to Go Green,” author and activist, Michael Pollan explains the importance of being aware about the global climate crisis as well as methods of responding to the issue without further damaging the planet. Pollan dives deeper into the issue by claiming that people need to stop depending on others to solve their problems. The article uses effective rhetorical strategies to open the reader’s eyes and convince them of the beneficial outcomes of going green. Pollan becomes inspired to change his lifestyle after Al Gore’s presentation, Tran 3 “An Inconvenient Truth,” where Gore asks the audience to make a difference by changing their light bulbs. Mr. Pollan states that changing light bulbs is not enough to make a change, that it will take many…